(In)efficient commuting and migration choices

We develop a monocentric urban search-and-matching model in which workers can choose to commute or to migrate within the region.

Labor Policy in a Dynamic Search-Matching Model with Heterogeneous Workers and Firms

We analyse the consequences of the minimum wage on employment and sorting in a model of the labor market with search frictions, heterogeneous workers and firms, and business cycle fluctuations.

Spatial Equilibrium and Commuting Costs

I exploit a spatial discontinuity introduced by a French reform in September 2015 to measure the links between commuting costs, employment and location decisions.

Labor Income Shocks Along the Business Cycle

I explore the determinants of labor income shocks along the business cycle with a frictional model of the labor market.


I have taught the following classes (assistant lecturer and sometimes lecturer):

Econometrics II (graduate), Assistant Lecturer

  • Lecturer: Jean-Marc Robin
  • Content: OLS, GLS, IV, qualitative response models, limited dependent variables

Applied Statistics for Business and Economics (graduate), Lecturer

  • Content: introduction to probability theory and regression analysis with a focus on applications in finance and economics

Introduction to Econometrics and Statistics (graduate), Assistant Lecturer

  • Lecturer: Matteo Mogliani
  • Content: introduction to probability theory, univariate and multivariate regression models, inference and hypothesis testing

Money and Banking (undergraduate), Assistant Lecturer

  • Lecturer: Johannes Boehm
  • Content: inter-temporal consumption and saving decisions, quantity theory of money, neo-keynesian models, central bank’s inflation bias, commitment vs discretion in monetary policy, bank runs

Version Control

Here is a crash course on version control with Git and Gitlab.


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For computationally intensive programs, I use Julia. For statistics, I mainly use R and Stata. For database management, I use SQL. For everything else, I use Python. I have made contributions to the following open source projects:

Open Source Projects

Name Role Description Status
MSM.jl Author A Julia package to estimate economic models using the Method of Simulated Moments. Build
SMM.jl Contributor Parallel derivative-free moment optimization in Julia. Build Status
Dierckx.jl Contributor Julia wrapper for the dierckx Fortran library Build StatusCoverage Status


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